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About Us:

The Akrami family (Azar & Ata) migrated to the United States of America in the late 1970s due to the Revolution in their native country of Persia. They left everything behind and with great courage, determination, and faith started a whole new life with their two sons, Ramin and Ashcon.

Always known as excellent cooks with a never-ending passion for food, Ata and Azar soon found friends asking to prepare food for small parties and soon after started the business called Ata’s Catering in the early parts of the 1980s. In those days, Ata and his two sons would take their homemade equipment and set up shop at their friend’s abode and cook the same crazy-good food that you are having today.

The word of mouth soon reached the nearby cities to their hometown of Louisville, KY, traveling as far as Washington DC. After a few decades of persistence by friends and foes alike to open a restaurant, Akrami’s sons Ramin and Ashcon finally put a front to a very old family tradition of crazy-good food and then there was born Shiraz Mediterranean Grill."

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